(continues from part 1 and part 2)

If you are catching up a bit late and decided to start with part 3, then a quick recap would be… iPhone sucks! (see part 1 for details). Then in part 2 I was sharing how I decide what gear I need and how to select it.

But, we were not finished with that. A couple of questions were left in the air:

    5- How much (money) can I realistically put into this?
    6- How much (time) can I invest?

5- How much (money) can I realistically put into this?

The realistically comes because some times we say “I want this…” but look no further. Buying a camera is not just buying a camera. If you end up selecting a DSLR, chances are you’ll start Read More

(follow this link for part 1 of this article)

Are you still thinking that the iPhone is the best one ever? Well, it is, or better said, sometimes it is. And not just the iPhone, any phone with camera, any camera, anything capable of recording an image could be great if the alternative is having none. But if there is an option, then other variables come into play.
Let’s go back to the original question of these posts: “To DSLR or not to DSLR”. To fully answer that, we need to need to know the purpose of the camera and the photos that you will take with it. Answer yourself the following questions (in no Read More

When people ask what equipment I use, I tell them my eyes.” -Anonymous

Today’s topics:

- iPhone -the new professional camera.

- How do I decide what (camera) is best for me? (part 2)

- How to get your compact camera on steroids (part 3).

Something that keeps popping here and there: -What camera should I buy? It can also appear in the form of: -What camera did you use? (to take that photo). While some qualities of the final product will indeed Read More

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